Gerald Giraffe!

Posted by mrssshaw on Wednesday Mar 16, 2016 Under Uncategorized

We have had fun making Gerald the giraffe out of junk materials! Thank you parents for all your recycling- you may recognise some of your boxes!

We had to overcome (or not!) lots of difficulties of joining the materials.

We were very proud of all the giraffes and how people helped each other.

Here are a selection of our giraffes. Well done everyone!

giraffe 001 giraffe 002 giraffe 009 giraffe 010 giraffe 011 giraffe 014 giraffe 017 giraffe 019 giraffe 022 giraffe 024 giraffe 025 giraffe 026 giraffe 030

2 Responses to “Gerald Giraffe!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I really enjoyed making my giraffe. My mummy has put it on the windowsill. Danny and I saw giraffes at Tywcross zoo.


  2. mrssshaw Says:

    That’s great Daniel.
    I think giraffes are one of my favourite animals.


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