Composer Day

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Wow! What a wonderful day we had today. It started with Class 2 learning all about how a sound is made and what a high pitch note sounds like compared to a low pitch note.

Then we had a wonderful time listening in the hall to some classical music played by a violinist and a cellist.

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They played Vivaldi’s Winter piece beautifully which many of the children recognised. Then they played some Handel and other classical pieces. The children were entranced. We learnt how the instruments are tuned, what they are made of, the highest and the lowest pitch they can play and much much more.

Next Class 2 learnt some basic notation and we played glockenspiels and had great fun with them!

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We watched a clip of some amazing professionals playing and we were in awe!

Then we had a go at some body percussion and made a thunderstorm using body sounds. It was super fun and our hands were sore after all the hard work rubbing, clicking and slapping!

Composer day 2016 042 Composer day 2016 043

Afterwards we listened to Vivaldi’s four seasons again and talked about all of the different seasons and what changes there were. We talked about the weather and how each season is affected. We remembered our Science from Monday where we learnt how thunder and lightning is formed.

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Lastly we went into the hall to share our activities with the rest of the school and to hear about what all the other classes had done.

It has been a really lovely day and we have had such fun and we didn’t even know how much we have learnt!

4 Responses to “Composer Day”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I loved composer day. MY favourite bit was getting to play music with professionals.


  2. mrssshaw Says:

    Im glad you enjoyed it Daniel. I loved listening to the live classical music too!


  3. Bella Says:

    Bella really enjoyed playing the xylophone. Bella also did a great picture of the Vivaldi Four Seasons. She said she loved using all of the amazing light colours.


  4. mrssshaw Says:

    I’m so glad!


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