Christmas in Mexico

Posted by mrsbmatthew on Friday Dec 18, 2015 Under Uncategorized

We learnt about how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico.

We made poinsettia flowers, pinatas and Mexican flags.


6 Responses to “Christmas in Mexico”

  1. Danny Says:

    I learned that they celebrate on the 5th January.


  2. mrssshaw Says:

    Interesting fact Danny, well done!


  3. Mrs Chandler Says:

    Hello everyone in Class 2


  4. mrssshaw Says:

    Hello !!
    Welcome to class two’s blog!


  5. Daniel Says:

    I liked that they get a pinata. I had one for my birthday. It was lots of fun.


  6. mrssshaw Says:

    That sounds fun Daniel! I hope you had a lovely time!


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