Weighing and Measuring fun!

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We took advantage of the lovely sunshine this week to have some practical weighing and measuring activities.

We are learning about the units of measurements and when we use them. We are also learning about: how many ml in a litre, grams in a kg, mm in a cm and cm in a metre! Some of us have found this a real challenge!

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Sewing fun!

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We have started sewing our book marks and thanks to our parent helpers we are progressing well. The children are so excited!

Don’t worry if you haven’t started yours yet. Each Wednesday we will be working hard to give everyone their chance.


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Easter Service

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Well done Class 2 for you speaking, acting and art work!

Have a very Happy Easter!





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Deadly Dinosaurs!

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Thank you for all the wonderful 3D dinosaurs that you have made. They are all brilliant! All so different and very creative!

We have all really enjoyed this half term’s topic on Dinosaurs. Learning about the timeline with the different periods: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous was so fact filled. We discovered that the world looked very different from now and how it changed through each period of time. The children were amazed to learn that not all the dinosaurs lived at the same time and that for example a Stegosaurus would never have been eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores we learned all about what these were and what features the dinosaurs had as a result of this. We loved being Paleontologists and learning about how fossils are formed and what they tell us. The story of Mary Anning the little girl who found an important prehistoric creature fossil … an Ichthyosaurus was exciting too.

I think this topic  has really captured the attention and imagination of the whole class…



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Red Nose Day!

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The children have had good fun buying their red noses each day this week and discovering which one they have got!

The excitement of wearing them all day today was just too much and they all looked very colourful.

We sold 137 in school so thank you to all those children and their families for supporting such a worthy cause.

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Food Chains

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Class 2 loved learning about food chains today. The children were quickly using the new vocabulary: producer, consumer, predator and prey and much more! I wonder if any of you could think about a dinosaur food chain? What would have been the producer? Which carnivores were at the top of the chain?

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Paired Reading!

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Classes 2 and 4 had a wonderful time sharing their books and reading to each other last week. All the children loved it and we hope to do it again sometime soon.

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Lambing at Brooksby!

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The weather was glorious, class 1 & 2 were fantastic and the animals were brilliant!

Farmers Rose & Carol welcomed us and we learnt so much about moles, badgers, sheep, cows, pigs and so much more…

The highlight of our visit was when a kindly ewe decided to give birth to her lamb just as we were visiting and we were in awe watching it all.

We enjoyed stroking a beautiful one day old lamb too.

The children managed the muddy walk there and back brilliantly (sorry about the muddy clothes!) We decided it was a super and very memorable day and I am sure the children slept well last night with all that exercise, fresh air, learning and fun!


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World Book Day 2017

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What a wonderful set of characters we had in class today. You all looked brilliant!

We have also enjoyed hearing stories from all different adults in the school. We enjoyed mixing with different classes too.

Next week we will be sharing books with class 4 too.

Tomorrow we have a visiting author in our school all day. We are looking forward to meeting her and her puppet!

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Pancake fun!

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We had great fun measuring out the ingredients and making delicious pancakes today!

We enjoyed choosing from the delicious toppings too!

Afterwards we wrote instructions on how to make pancakes, remembering to use imperative(bossy) verbs.

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